Franklin County Sheriff's Department
Franklin County Sheriff's Department

In an effort to maximize their manpower, the Benton and Franklin County Sheriff's Departments are forming up the Posse.

  A variety of volunteers needed for significant roles

According to information released by the Franklin County Sheriff's office, they're seeking volunteers who will be utilized in a variety of roles, including marine (water patrols), ORV (off-road vehicle patrols), crime scene security, rural neighborhood patrols, and if you have flying experience, you could be utilized for aerial work.

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The Posse is intended to maximize the manpower of the departments, allowing the volunteers to help provide eyes and ears, which will free up Deputies for other needs.

And, the two regions will share volunteers. You may, if accepted, end up working in Benton County, then Franklin County the next time.  To apply via Franklin County, click here.  To apply if you live in Benton County, click here.

If you would like to do your part as a serious, committed citizen, then this might be something for you.


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