Kennewick police and others do this on a routine basis. Especially late at night, they drive through parking lots and around businesses closed for the evening, just checking.

See something funny or unusual? Of course they're gonna check it out.

That led to arrest of a woman wanted on outstanding felony warrants Wednesday night.  Officers were checking on the 2400 block of West Clearwater when they saw this car sitting in the lot in front of building, with the engine running. This area has a car lot, Moneytree, the IBEW Local 77 headquarters and some others nearby.

They contacted 35-year-old Crystal Oliver, obviously asking something along the lines of 'what are you doing here, are you ok, etc.'   But then the found she's wanted so she's in jail.

IF you're wanted by the cops, just don't do stuff that will make them go hmmm...


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