Walmart felony theft suspects (PPD)
Walmart felony theft suspects (PPD)










Pasco PD did not specify when this alleged theft took place, but it appears it happened at Walmart.

Thieves use a cart with cargo to distract victim

According to officers, these two suspects worked together to use a shopping cart that contained a large AC unit as a shield, then steal a customer's purse.

Based on the contents of the purse, Pasco PD says this theft is now a felony. Anyone who may have information about these two, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

Pasco PD added this to their social media report:

"If you recognize them, let us know as Officer Brown would like to have a chat with them, perhaps offer them a nice transport in a very comfortable plastic backseat (we’ve had 5 star reviews) and a comfortable stay at our Franklin County Jail. We can’t promise you the seats haven’t been pooped on, peed on or barfed on though. They are however been decontaminated. We will even roll down the back windows per your request."


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