Very late Wedesday night, a Benton County Sheriff's Deputy on patrol near the intersection of Jacobs and Webber Roads by Benton City came across a truck stopped in the middle of the road.

Naturally, the officer is going to turn on the rollers, spotlight and investigate. However, the officer found the unnamed 27-year-old driver had outstanding warrants from the Department of Corrections and a suspended driver's license.

As the Deputy came back towards the truck, the man probably sensed he was 'cooked' and he sped off. A chase ensued, with other Deputies joining, and spike strips being deployed on Badger Road, which ripped the tires to shreds. The driver fled on foot and after a lengthy chase, did get away from officers.

However, they have all his personal information, and found heroin in the truck. Drug possession, eluding and more will be added to his outstanding warrants already. Likely won't be long before the net closes and he is caught.

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