College Place Police nabbed pair of suspects after an alert officer noticed a suspicious vehicle near a residence.

Sunday around noon, an officer spotted the vehicle in the 600 block of SE Elm occupied by two persons. As the office swung around down the street to drive back by and look again, he saw a man sprint from the vehicle to the nearby home, while a female was seen hurriedly gathering items from the car.

Dispatch confirmed the vehicle had been stolen out of Vancouver, WA. The woman, identified as Erica J. Martinez of Milton-Freewater had the keys, but was uncooperative with police. With backup from Walla Walla Police, the nearby home was searched with approval from the resident, and inside police found Thomas G. Brummer who is from the LA/Inglewood CA area. He was wanted on two outstanding warrants from US Marshals and DOC out of Vancouver.

He was located trying to hide under a pile of blankets.

In the home police found just over 15 grams of suspected heroin, and a pistol was found in the vehicle, spotted in plain sight between the driver's seat and center console.  Brummer and Martinez are now facing a multitude of charges, and are in the Walla Walla County jail.

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