Benton County Sheriff's arrested two wanted suspects in Benton City Sunday, but had a much easier time with one as opposed to the other.

Deputies staged the arrests at 3902 West Snow Lane, and apprehended 33-year-old Jason P. Vargas, who gave up. But 35-year-old Michelle K. Clayton, who was also wanted on an outstanding warrant, refused to give up.

Sheriff's deputies said she tried hiding under a bed, but while she was attempting to elude officers, they noticed during their search additional drug paraphernalia scattered around the home. They were able to get an expanded search warrant, and now the two suspects are facing additional drug charges besides their outstanding warrants.

Controlled substances were also found besides the drug items. The Deputies were assisted by the County Criminal Apprehension and Gang Control Unit teams. as well a as K-9 unit from Pasco, who found Clayton under the bed.

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