Thief has reached "Pinnacle" of crime career (Kennewick Police)
Thief has reached "Pinnacle" of crime career (Kennewick Police)

It's not so much the crime itself, but the brand name of the alcohol that illustrates maybe this criminal has reached the 'top' of his game.

Kennewick police apprehended a suspect who's wanted on several outstanding warrants after he allegedly grabbed a pricey bottle of Pinnacle Vodka from the Safeway store on Kennewick Ave. and fled.

22-year-old Roman Arroyo Jr. was located and apprehended several blocks away, with the stash in his backpack.  Now, he not only won't get to reach the "Pinnacle" of his theft career, but he gets to think about it in jail. He was also wanted on two outstanding arrest warrants.


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