This theft suspect caught by Kennewick police was not only wanted for a number of shoplifting incidents totaling hundreds of dollars from multiple stores, but he had in his possession an 'old-school' weapon you don't hear much about anymore.

21-year-old Jeremiah Martinez, seen here, was arrested at JC Penney in connection with a shoplifting incident. He was also found to have property stolen from other mall stores as well, quite a bit.

But police found a pair of brass knuckles on his possession. They are a metal or brass curved bar, with rings that you slip your fingers through. When you make a fist and punch, the bar across your fingers can deliver a deadly blow. Decades ago, people were known to have died after being punched hard enough or in a key area, such as the temple or head.

Over the years, brass knuckles were commonly associated with mob thugs, hit men, or enforcers who's job was to 'beat people up.'

They're classified as a deadly weapon and usually carry a felony charge. KPD says this is the 202nd shoplifting incident processed since January 1st of this year.

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