Many people find joy in exploring their surroundings and local artist Felicia Follum is no exception. Felicia makes videos on her Youtube channel taking her viewers along with her as she explores the Tri-Cities, learning about the diversity and cultures.

About a month ago Felicia made the video, Lao Buddhist Monastery - Eastern Washington #TravelYourCityFF where she tours a local Lao Buddhist Monastery in Kennewick.

Along her adventure she learns some interesting new facts, including the following -

  • Three Lao Monks live in the Monastery
  • Many people leave offerings at the Temples
  • The grounds are filled with incense and flowers

While she explored the monastery she met a 59-year-old Lao Monk who had an injured arm. He spoke about his siblings in Seattle and told the story about how he hurt his arm, despite not speaking a lot of English.

In the end, Felicia left with a new knowledge about the local Buddhist Monastery and was even gifted with string charms for her car!

It just goes to show that traveling your own city might teach you things you never knew!

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