According to CNBC, Starbucks has no plans to 'employ' any of these $25K robot coffee makers in any of their stores. But what about 10 years from now?

The financial channel is reporting a new robot barista has made it's debut, and for a cool $25K a coffee shop could install one. It's capable of preparing 120 cups of coffee per hour.

Customers would order using a digital screen to place their selection. The robot, named Cafe X, can handle up to 3-400 orders per day on average. A designer by the name of Henry Hu came up with the idea during his time at Babson College a few years ago, while he was in an airport waiting in a long line at an espresso stand.

While Starbucks has no plans to utilize them, these automated baristas have actually gone into service in several locations in San Francisco. The best part, say the developers? You never have to worry if the barista is in a good mood, and you never have to tip. But if it goofs up your order?!?

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