This last Sunday, the Abert Lea Seafair Hydro final in Seattle was delayed nearly 90 minutes after a spectacular flip by the U-1918 Miss O'Boy Oberto.

The race got under way at 5:30pm, but was red flagged after the boat flipped on the first lap.

It was judged by officials that the U-11 Reliable Diamond Tools Presents J&D's boat cut off the Oberto, causing the accident. Boats are required to give a lane to another one nearby, if their rooster rail or other wake could cause them to crash or go dead.

The U-11 was disqualified. The U-9 Les Schwab Tires was given the win after a penalty was assessed on the U-1 Home Street Bank, for allegedly going under the minimum speed of 80-mph during pre-race staging.  Driver Cal Phipps was NOT injured! And the boat landed on it's bottom and Phipps tries to drive it away before realizing it's damaged.

Video courtesy of H-1 Unlimited.

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