Light pole crash (WRPD)
Light pole crash (WRPD)


West Richland PD are adding this to their list of abandoned parts.


Presumably sometime Tuesday evening, a Dodge Ram pickup ended up on the curb near the intersection of Badger Road and Collins in West Richland.

WRPD didn't say what time, but wryly noted this in their public report:

"To the driver of the Dodge Ram truck that forgot to stop after driving onto to a curb and colliding with a city light post at the corner of Bombing Range and Collins: You left your passenger side headlight at the accident scene. Please contact WRPD at 509-628-0333 to collect your headlight. Also we have a few questions for you. Thanks"

The driver took out the light pole, which is not exactly inexpensive to fix.

It seems more and more drivers who lose control for whatever reason and crash into property don't bother to be responsible and stick around. Most likely, it involves them driving with some sort of 'condition' or under a 'condition' that they know will get them in even more trouble.

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Anyone who may have info about this incident, call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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