A new report released Wednesday, utilizing actual materials from the Washington Education Association (WEA) shows that teachers K-12 in Washington state do not have to, and are not required, to respond to parents' email or correspondence about what is being taught in their classrooms.

Furthermore, the report also stresses to teachers if they feel threatened or intimidated in any way, they are to report the 'offending party' (parents?) to the Police.


A new report from the Freedom Foundation details what's in a resource that was sent out by the WEA.  It's called “Teaching Truth: Tips for Teachers in a Tumultuous Time.

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The Freedom Foundation report points out that this resource says teachers cannot be prosecuted and are protected in presenting this material. From the FF report:

"Teachers are assured, however, that they are “protected” and “cannot be disciplined” for teaching district “prescribed curricula,” which they have “broad leeway” to implement, “whether that’s by choosing which books to read or by selecting which units on which to spend more or less time.” The only limitation acknowledged by the union is that “[e]ducators should not teach curricula that are explicitly prohibited by their administration.”

The actual resource itself says this (from WEA Teaching Truth Resource):

"You do not singlehandedly need to justify or defend the curricula.

We are aware that parents are sending emails to educators asking questions about what exactly we are teaching regarding equity, anti-racism, LGBTQ inclusion, sexual health education, and more. As an educator, you do not have to reply to these. It is also fine to reply to the parents that you are teaching the curricula as designated by your district and the state and they can ask for more details from those entities."

The WEA resource also contains this item:

"What about my classroom Black Lives Matter flag?

Stating that Black Lives Matter is stating the truth – that we lift up our Black students and work to ensure they have equitable access to education and resources. Some non-Black people have harmfully and wrongly assumed that Black Lives Matter is a political statement or suggests unconditional support for an organization and its actions. WEA maintains that Black Lives Matter is appropriate, and indeed needed, in our schools."


WEA encourages BLM flags in classrooms ----Getty Images
WEA encourages BLM flags in classrooms ----Getty Images






The resource also contains advice for now to present LBGTQ, social justice, and other topics contained within CRT.
But perhaps the most glaring shocking element in the resource is this advice for what to do with a parent who objects to this curriculum: (from WEA Resource)

"What do I do if a parent has a problem with something I am teaching?

Corporate interests that seek to undermine public education are inciting paranoia among families, causing some to jump to conclusions about our materials and teaching. If a calm conversation with the family does not diffuse the situation, seek backup from your administration. If you fear you will be disciplined due to parental complaints about your curriculum, contact your building rep."

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This resource was sent to school districts in August 2021.  The Freedom Foundation is a not-for-profit group that are active in political, social, and economic issues throughout the northwest and our region. Their mission statement includes the following:

"The Freedom Foundation is more than a think tank. We’re more than an action tank. We’re a battle tank that’s battering the entrenched power of left-wing government union bosses who represent a permanent lobby for bigger government, higher taxes, and radical social agendas."

They're the ones who first blew the whistle on the WSDOH for counting gunshot deaths as COVID victims, and they were also active in the Slidewaters Water Park COVID lawsuit against the state.

To read this entire WEA resource for yourself, click on the button below.

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