A 66-month prison term was given to a man who's not only a trained welder but apparently a repeat burglary offender. He appeared in US District Court this week in Western WA.

   Man pleaded guilty to breaking into a credit union

Randall Taufete’e, who pleaded guilty in March of this year, was accused of using a cutting torch, along with other implements, to try to break into the O Bee Credit Union in Tumwater in October of 2022.

  According to MyNorthwest.com,  Police were summoned to the credit union along with firefighters when flames were seen climbing the side of the building near an ATM.  First responders found prybar marks on the ATM, the night drop box, the ATM window and the rear door.

Surveillance video later showed Taufete'e and his accomplice using the cutting torch to try to access the building through the ATM. The damage they inflicted was over $198K said authorities.

According to MyNorthwest.com:

"Taufete’e denied his involvement, but the second person involved, Brandon Ronald Collado, pled guilty in June 2023 and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Taufete’e did not plead guilty until March 2024."

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Authorities say Taufete'e has a criminal record going back over 12 years, including assault, robbery, burglary, and illegal possession of firearms.

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