Fresh off voting to split the Columbia Basin Big 9 into a North and South division format, some schools are threatening to form a new league.

The Big 9 Principals and AD's voted 8-7 to split the Big 9 into a North and South Division format, splitting the schools based upon location rather than 3A or 4A classification.  West Valley Yakima, who is facing 2A status due to enrollment, has not announced if they will ask to move up, or opt up, to 3A for the 2012-2013 school year.  Also,  sources are reporting many officials in Wenatchee and Yakima are fighting the new Big 9 format,  and Wenatchee, Eastmont, Moses Lake, Davis and Eisenhower are willing to form their OWN five team 4A league, that would effectively mean the end of the Big 9.  The North Division coaches, and Athletic Directors are complaining that the new league would still mean more travel for the schools in Wenatchee, Yakima and Moses Lake.   Despite the legitimate issue of rising costs and expenses, the Big 9 has been around since about 1970, and travel was never an issue...until now.