We keep an eye on social media throughout the Columbia Basin, and often come across rather interesting posts, sometimes eye-catching.

This post was published in the Benton City Community Information Page on June 17th. It seems early Saturday morning, a woman (who's identity we have omitted for privacy) reported two young women knocked on their door around 5am.

They told the woman their cellphones had reportedly died. They wanted to find out what time it was. As the man watched them walk away, he saw them use their reportedly 'dead' phones to text somebody.

The across the street neighbor reported the same thing occurred moments later. Without sound conspiratorial, this appears to be 'casing', or knocking on doors to see if people are home before somebody burglarizes them. Apparently a number of other neighbors reported the same thing.  It was reported to the Benton County Sheriff.

Benton City home 'casing?' (Benton City Communit Information Facebook page)
Benton City home 'casing?' (Benton City Communit Information Facebook page)


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