The West Nile Virus appears to be steadily making it's way across Franklin County.

Franklin County Mosquito Control officials say another group of insects have tested positive for the potentially deadly virus, this time a mile northeast of Basin City.

This is the 5th such positive test this year in the county. David Dorsett, Director of the Mosquito Control District, says as the season for mosquitoes winds down,  the virus becomes more prevalent.  The district plans more of the same aerial and ground treatments as used in other areas.

Residents are again advised to use repellent, long sleeved clothing, pants, and other precautionary measures if they're going to be outside for lengthy periods of time, especially near infected areas.

As Newstalk 870 has reported, most normal healthy adults who may be bitten by an infected mosquito will never know if they contracted it.  It often passes without symptoms.  However,  those who are in poor health, infants, children and elderly are more susceptible to  issues caused by the virus.  While this reaction is NOT widespread, it can, in certain people, cause serious or fatal neurological issues with the brain.

Whether we get some very cold or freezing temperatures early in the fall will determine how long mosquitoes will stay active in the Mid-Columbia.  A hard, severe winter with several periods of extremely cold temperatures will significantly affect insect populations next spring and summer.

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