After getting a few calls from sharp eyed residents, West Richland Police and Benton County Fire District 4 responders were happy to learn the watercraft was empty.

Monday night, police were called to the Bombing Range Road bridge that crosses the large Columbia Irrigation District Canal near the intersection with Van Giesen. They found a kayak that was stuck under the bridge.

After determining nobody was aboard, the Fire crews fished it out of the water. West Richland PD say they have your kayak, whoever is missing one.

But the disturbing part is for the watercraft to have gotten stuck there, at some point it had to be used or anchored by somebody further upstream in the canal.

Which brings us to the next point, officials stress to people, NEVER play or recreate in any irrigation canal, they're often deeper than they look, the water moves fast and is often turbulent, and many of them have slippery sides that are impossible to get out of especially when water is moving fast.

With that in mind, West Richland PD didn't miss the chance to post this, about the proper ways to use knots to secure watercraft.

Boating knots (WRPD)