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West Richland Police kept hopping around Easter Sunday, while most of us were chasing eggs, they were chasing down suspects.

  Man found slumped over the wheel, domestic dispute keeps police busy

Just after 9 AM, WRPD officers were alerted to a man who was slumped over behind the wheel of a car. Officers did not say where the vehicle was, they did say it was legally parked but the man was obviously unconscious.

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After awakening him, it was learned he had numerous outstanding warrants for what police said were "violating orders" and he was taken to the Benton County jail.

Then later, around 11:11 AM  officers responded to what was first thought to be a suicide attempt, but upon arrival found the incident was actually a domestic dispute.

Both parties involved in that incident, said WRPD, were arrested. One person for violating an order, the other for assault. Both are now in the Benton County jail.

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