Just what was an African antelope doing running around Forest Park in Portland this weekend? What IS an Oryx, anyway?

No, it's not a Dr. Seuss creation. You're thinking of the Lorax. But this creature was bouncing around Forest Park in Portland, OR, Saturday, surprising joggers and hikers, and munching on grass and plants.

The creature, named Yellow Nose, is actually owned by a Portland resident named Reed Gleason. Like some people who have llamas and other creatures, Gleason keeps the African-based antelope on his property, and Yellow Nose decided to go for a journey.

The Orzx was successfully captured and returned to it's owner, but not after surprising the heck out of a lot of people. Apparently Gleason's family left a gate open, which allowed the animal to escape.

The Oryx is one of four African antelopes who are native to the western parts of the continent. They're usually known for their very long, straight antlers.

They are considered very rare to be kept as a pet in the U.S. or Western Hemisphere.