You've probably seen the ads on TV for the latest, wildest-looking craze that's coming to the Tri-Cities. We soooo want to try this! Pictured are the Knockerballs in Richland.

Knockerball is coming to Richland, according to the Richland Parks and Rec Department. Knockerball are huge plastic "bubbles" that nearly fully encapsulate the player. Your feet stick out of the bottom so you can run. The inflatable ball has handles inside so you can hold it.

The objective? Simple! Run at full speed towards your opponent, and try to knock them over. Later this month, November, folks will have a chance to try out this wild and crazy new sport.

Richland will be holding a tournament starting November 26th, and plans to start a Knockerball league in January. You must be at least 18 or older to play the sport, at least in Richland with the Parks and Rec Department.  For tournament sign-up details, click here.

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