Paul Brown was on his family farm, SunKissed Lavender Farms Tuesday evening when he spotted something in the sky. Not just something but somethings, very suspicious things. There seemed to be breaks in the clouds with light coming through. But these breaks were all lined evenly, shaped evenly and almost exaclty set apart from each other.

SunKissed Lavender Farms is located in West Richland overlooking the town, with a beautiful view of the sky, making for beautiful sunsets. This particular sunset however had a different "glow' to it. As you can see in the photo, Paul captured not just a beautiful sunset but something he can't explain. It almost looks as if there is light coming from the clouds or penetrating them from the ground up. Or maybe they are just really white clouds in the shape of flying saucers. Either way, it is very interesting and in my opinion suspicious (inserts the theme song to Men In Black).

Paul Brown


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