Kennewick police are praising the actions of a couple of passers-by for likely saving a life Sunday night.

Around 10 .p.m, police got calls from several citizens saying they were on the Cable Bridge with a woman who had tried to climb over the rail and jump.

Police say the passers-by, a brother and sister, saw the 24-year-old woman standing on the OUTSIDE of the rail on the walkway across the bridge. While others drove by, they stopped and tried to help the woman who was "in distress."

They physically held on to her, talked to her, and were able to keep her from jumping. Kennewick police said their actions prevented her death, and they are very grateful for them stopping while others ignored her.  Police say had she jumped, or even lost her footing and fallen, she would have quickly been overtaken by hypothermia and drowned.

The woman was able to get the necessary mental and medial help she needed and was reunited with her family.

Kennewick police emphasized help is available 24-hours a day for those who are facing these kinds of situations and can call the Crisis line at 800-572-8122.

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