Direct from the Newstalk 870 Facebook page,  here are some of your thoughts.Late Tuesday we asked, "What are your thoughts, in general, about the election?" And we got some very spirited answers!

  • Tracy: doom and gloom. Tonight was a bad night politically for our nation and state.
  • Jason: Sad :-(:-(
  • Michele: I am disgusted. Our country will have people in bread lines within three years.
  • Doug: Uh awful?
  • Tom: The Republican Party managers (they sure aren't leaders) have wasted what was given to them in 2010. We all thought Obama and the cronies had to go. We were wrong. The GOP cronies must go. It might be truly time to end the Republican Party and start a strong conservative party.
  • David: I feel sick! Sad day for America!
  • Jeanette: Happy and content and wish the opposition would help and not hinder the president!
  • Ron Hayden: Mourning in America.

Just a few of the many responses, we appreciate the feedback! Remember, LIKE and follow us on our Facebook page!

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