Kennewick police say two women were arrested and booked into the Benton County jail after an alleged 'race' and reckless driving Thursday night in the parking lot at Fred Meyer.

Just before midnight, police were called to 10th and Highway 395 for a report of two vehicles speeding way to fast through the parking lot. Upon arrival police contacted 44-year-old Crystal L. Thorne and 40-year-old Misty D. Marsh.

Both were found be driving on suspended licenses in the 3rd degree and were charged with reckless driving. Both are in jail, no more racing for you!

It's interesting both were over 40, not the usual age for such antics. Police did not specify what led to the alleged racing-reckless driving.

Fred Meyer pictured below-Kennewick.

Kennewick Fred Meyer (Google street view)
Kennewick Fred Meyer (Google street view)

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