The worst job I ever had was harvesting bricks. At the job site it was all high school kids and I was 16. I lasted one day. You were paid $15 per pallet and one pallet is a lot of bricks!See, old bricks were worth more than new ones so when someone knocked down a building they collected the old bricks. Us kids would pick one up, hammer off the stuck mortar without damaging the brick, and lay it on the pallet. I finished 3/4 of a pallet and never went back. Also, it was only the third day of summer. We'd just got out of school and I thought, "I'm supposed to be playing right now."

The next year I got into radio and never looked back!

An international survey asked people about their worst job ever and here are some of the results:

  •  I worked in collections at a call center on Sept. 11, 2001, the owner said, "Anyone who doesn't want to make phone calls is fired, because 'Today's the perfect day since everyone is home watching the television.'" I quit shortly after. I wish I'd quit that day.
  • When telemarketing I talked to a lot of widows in their 80s who just wanted someone to talk to. I'd try to hang up on them so I could actually make some money but my heart said no.
  • Selling crappy insurance policies to people who don't realize they're crappy.
  • Janitor at a university I failed to get into. It was decent money ($16/h) and the work was easy so I had plenty of time to watch all the people my age attending school. All those people that didn't end up as janitors.
  • I worked in the loan office at a private college who admitted anyone and charged $10,000 per semester. A kid came in who I knew was not going to succeed at the school. My boss told me to "push him through." Knowing this kid just signed up for 10k in debt just for his first quarter made me sick, I could barely sleep doing that job.
  • I used to work on a line in a box factory. I can tell you right now that I have never in my life had 8 hours take so long in terms of perception, day after day after day. Just the same physical task, lift flat pressed boxes into a machine, wait 45 seconds, lift boxes into a machine, wait 45 seconds, lift, wait, lift, wait.
  • I work at Walmart now and Black Friday is my favorite day. You can take out all of your anger and frustration on the customers and nobody cares.
  • Working in the Estates department at a major credit card. All day you read death certificates to confirm a death and then you send bills, usually with late fees, to their widow/widower.
  • Had a holiday job working as a cleaner in a psychiatric institution. So much poop everywhere, and rarely in the toilet.
  • I worked on a croissant line. You can bet they never came out of the machine with that nice curved shape. Nope - they are straight, but someone has to bend them into shape, thousands of them every day, on a moving line. This equates to the most depressing job in the world.
  • I volunteered at an animal shelter once -- poor dogs and cats. I remember right around Christmas some guy came in and dropped his dog off. For the next week she would look for him whenever anybody came into the kennel. I only lasted about 2 months.
  • I worked at a pawnshop. When a lady came in to pawn her daughters Wii I could only give her thirty dollars. The daughter would have been seven or eight so she didn't really understand why this was happening. The little girl asked why they were getting rid of the console; an innocent question. I looked up to see the mother answer, with tears running down her face, "So we can eat this week sweety." That was pretty brutal.
  • The worst was when a guy came in and pawned a nice engagement ring. We gave him about $100-$150 for it. A couple of hours later, a woman walks in bawling her eyes out saying her son just stole her ring and pawned it somewhere. She gave us a description of the ring and she had to pay to get it out.
  • I'd take out broken merchandise on Monday mornings. A TV that didn't work, e.g. and throw it in the dumpster. 15 minutes later it would be brought in by some vagrant swearing up and down he was watching it 30 minutes ago at his house.
  • Laser tag operator. Get kids on vests, turn on the machine (fog, laser, sound). Let them in. Wait 15-20 mins. Get them out the vest, print off the score sheet. Everything was fine and dandy, until the owner's kid started coming, he played for free, was a complete smug, spoiled little brat. Got really good playing and would just ruin the fun for other kids. He was ...10? 11? And would play with the 7 year old paying customer kids kicking their butts. I hated that kid. Couldn't stand to see so many kids fun getting ruined by this brat, one day I let them all in, put on a vest and get him first. The boss says I can't go in anymore... Fine. I give the kid laser pistol that I left overnight without charging, boss ends up firing me.
  • My current job. Last week I shovelled pig heads into a pit of pig bodies, guts, organs, etc. then did the same thing with chickens. Also stacking up cow hides. You can see where their eyes were by the eyes holes. Its really gross. But its for my future.
  • Trying to lure people to go to a time-share scam sales pitch event, by promising them a free cruise if they did. There was no free cruise. The only cruise they got was a 2-for-1 discount if they bought a time-share.
  • We have to restrain kids who are being violent, which is necessary but not fun to do. I was recently promoted to supervisor which means I am the first response to crisis situations and the leader for dealing with kids who are being violent. Yesterday I was punched in the crotch, spent an hour on my knees safely restraining a child while they tried to punch and bite me, had poop thrown on me and was urinated on. I have bruises all over and am sore. But this is my job.
  • My job was to check registration at a private beach to see if people could park and walk down. There's nothing worse than telling a sad-eyed father carrying a cooler, three boogie boards, and an umbrella, with his hyperactive children trailing behind: "Sorry this beach is for the special people, leave now please." We were the only accessible beach for twenty minutes in any direction.

[SOURCE: Reddit]

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