Trooper C. Thorson is the Public Information Officer for the Washington State Patrol (PIO) for Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Garfield, Columbia and Asotin Counties. Yes, he covers a lot of ground!

Safe to say the majority is spent in the more densely populated areas of our regions as he reports to the public about accidents, driving information and more.

One of his tasks is also to alert drivers to things that are causing issues and even accidents for motorists. Lately, it's been loads in people's vehicles or trailers.

Somewhere there's a citation for "driving with a load not properly tied down" and in these cases, that applies.

Thorson said this week on Twitter the WSP has been dealing with a recent rash of drivers not properly securing large items in their rigs. They've falled or flown out, causing some signicant wrecks.

Thorson, via his Twitter page, said in our region there have been 3 separate 2-vehicle accidents resulting from people having to swerve to avoid items that have flown or fallen out or off other rigs.

Even mattresses can become a deadly weapon, when flying out of a truck or trailer at 60-70 miles per hour. Thorson included a photo of a recent incident where one hit the windshield of this car. Fortunately the occupants were not hurt.

Thorson told KEPR TV on Tuesday a mattress and box spring flew out of a rig onto the highway near 395 and Yelm in Kennewick. The damage pictured here occurred from the mattress on I-182 near Pasco on Monday.

Doesn't matter if they're TempurPedic or whatever, secure your load!  Depending upon the incident, penalties for unsecured loads range from $228 to $10K if it triggers a bad crash.

 So the next time you're traveling, perhaps even on vacation, tie it down! Then venture of and enjoy these areas.

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