We see crashes, wrecks and wild incidents everyday. But it's not a good thing when a family member IS the news.

So I am at home, waiting to take our 9-year-old to the bus stop, then head to work, when my wife calls.  She sounds shaken, and upset...very much so.

She says she's been in a bad car accident! So I go flying down (safely!) to the corner of Clearwater and Edison, to find her Dodge Avenger sitting in the outside lane, facing the wrong way in front of Super Supplements. By the time I got there, thanks to the excellent work of bystanders who called 911, Ange was already in the ambulance and gone.

Turns out, she was westbound on way to work, just getting into the intersection, when another car was trying to make a north turn onto Edison.  Wife had the green, other driver had the flashing yellow. They shot across the intersection...whoops.

It happened so fast, Ange had no time to even hit the brakes. Her car torpedoed the other one in the right rear door. Our car got the worst of it, airbags deployed, car is complete junk.  But the car can be replaced, she can't.

She was taken to TRIOS for examination, and now she's home, very sore, and more, but without any broken bones or critical injuries. So, I am wrapping this up simply by saying, please keep your head on a swivel, and look twice before you turn or make traffic maneuvers.

The other driver did not require transport to hospital and left scene on their own power after followup was done.

That way, you won't end up like my wife and the other driver. Here is their car.


The other car (Kennewick police)
The other car (Kennewick police)

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