With the escalating exodus of officers from the Seattle Police Department, they're not just all retiring.

According to the website MyNorthwest.com (KTTH-and KIRO Radio Seattle) a number of them are landing jobs with area Sheriff's Departments, especially Pierce County.

According to Pierce County Sheriff's Spokesman Ed Troyer, Pierce County has 27 openings (as of August 21). One BIG advantage, Troyer says, is that these experienced officers don't have to go through the Academy like new rookies do, saving the county between $50-60K for each position.

Once they're gone through some brief orientations as to how the County conducts it's law enforcement (minor stuff) the officers are immediately placed on patrol. Troyer says they didn't expect this kind of exodus from Seattle, but says these officers will be able to do real "police work," what they were trained to do.

Troyer believes these officers are coming to Pierce and other counties because their officials have seen what's happened in Seattle. The lack of support for Police, even reaching dangerous levels, and Pierce will not let that happen.

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