According to a new study published by Move.Org, Washington state does pretty well when it comes to affordable utilities.

Move.Org is a site that tracks a wide variety of living costs, best and most affordable places to live, anything to do with relocating.

Washington came in at 39th out of 50 states, just missing the Bottom 10, which in  this case is a good place to be. Oregon logged in at 34.

On average, Washington residents pay just over $98 a month for electricity, just over $59 for natural gas, and just over $70 for water. The study also ranks average costs for internet and some other categories.

The states who get gouged the most in these areas? Hawaii (worst), Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia are 1-5 for most expensive. The cheapest? 1-5 New Mexico (best), Utah, Colorado, Montana and Idaho.   Washington residents, especially on the East side, benefit greatly from hydroelectric power, and a bit from the Columbia Generating Station Nuclear reactor at Hanford.

Much of Hawaii's expenses, of course, tied to the fact it's islands thousands of miles off the coast. Their average gas bill, if you choose that route, is a whopping $223 a month!

To see the study for yourself, click on the button below.

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