Monday, April 12th, WSDOH and state officials are expected to update the state's COVID-19 'progress,' and reportedly some counties could be moved backwards.

As of late this week, Benton County appeared to be comfortably below the standards to stay in Phase 3,  Franklin County reportedly was 'close' to the 190 new cases per 100K of population, the cutoff is 200.  Benton was at 133.

However, and i-Fber One News out of Grant County are reporting some counties are almost expecting to be pushed back to Phase 2.

King and Pierce Counties could be rolled back, according to reports Pierce is near 180 cases per 100K while King is at 190.  For smaller counties the thresholds are 100 cases per every 50K of population.

Phase 2 would push restaurant and other related capacities back to 25% from 50%, and that includes fitness centers, entertainment, salons.

   As for Central WA, it is believed Kittitas County will be moved because of it's case rates, while Adams County is at a rate of 178 new cases per 100K over the last two weeks.

Grant County is reportedly 17 away from the 200 level per 100K.   According to officials, data will continue to be monitored into the weekend before announcements are expected on Monday.

Many officials and business owners are reacting to this potential news, saying they're just starting to make some headway with Phase 3 as far as recovery; a move back to Phase 2 would be devastating for many of them.

According to state officials, if a county is moved backwards, it would not stay in the lower Phase as long as in the past.


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