According to Business Insider online magazine, Cyber Monday has edged ahead of Black Friday in terms of better sales, and more money spent.

Of course we won't know the Black Friday numbers until next week. But based upon 2018 numbers, most business experts say Cyber Monday results in more money spent and better offers.

According to several business experts and retail giants, 2018 Black Friday shopping lagged behind by about 3% of total purchases made. The gap is expected to widen slightly this year as well.

Experts say for big ticket items, such as appliances, hit the store on Black Friday, for gadgets (smaller and digital) Cyber Monday.  If you're looking for this year's hot items, go Black Friday, most are in stores. If you do plan to visit a store, go on Friday, as the 'specials' will not be usually offered on Monday.

However, most major online retailers such as Amazon and others have begun Black Friday specials a number of days ago. However, regardless of where you shop, experts say unless it's cash ALWAYS use a credit card.  Much easier to fight fraud and issues.

There will always be 'specials' on some of the latest gadgets and goodies in stores, but as digital grows, more and more people say they are unwilling to stand in line or get up at 0-dark:30 to fight over the 10 or 12 items the store has for sale. If cyber commerce continues to grow, many experts predict by the end of the decade Black Friday will be a thing of the past, or at least look very different than it does now, with people tromping through stores.

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