As we in the Tri-Cities and Eastern WA brace for at least 2 more days of possibly record-setting heat (we're not really going to cool down until the weekend) Gov. Jay Inslee made sure he sounded off about climate change.

The heat bubble over the Pacific Northwest is a phenomenon holding up temps, and breaking records. While some weather experts say it's a harbinger of things to come, others say it's a rare occurrence. Some say it's part of normal climate shifts, others say it's a preview of cataclysmic 'climate change.'

However, increasing heat is being directed at Gov. Inslee for a pair of posts on his 'official' Facebook page.

One would think the highest-ranking public official in a state would devote most of their efforts in a time like this to ensuring citizens are being given ways to cool off or escape from the dangerous temps.

We scoured news stories and information, looking for state-led efforts to provide water, cooling stations, and other aid, especially to older citizens.

However, it appears cities and counties (such as King) are the ones doing the bulk of the work. At least 30-plus cooling stations have been opened in King County and Seattle, and dozens (if not hundreds) in other cities around the state. But they're local efforts.

You might even think he'd declare a state of emergency or something.

The only action Inslee has taken is to expand the capacity of non-profit or public owned cooling stations to 50% percent COVID capacity.

However, he took to his Facebook page to warn us that this heat will continue in the coming years if we don't act now on climate change...

There already have been some comments from state legislators who've noticed he did the same thing over a year ago during COVID. While the state was suffering from the lockdowns, he joined a Bernie Sanders led climate change panel and said basically now during COVID would be a great time to push for climate change controls.

Here's a look at his Facebook pages, including when he made an appearance on CNN. This one was posted Monday, the CNN pic around 10AM Tuesday 6-29.

While state roasts, Inslee worries about climate change (Inslee Gov Facebook)
Inslee Facebook page (Inslee Facebook)