The Washington State Department of Health didn't miss an opportunity to shill for climate change or global warming theories in their report released about heat-related deaths in our state.

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Thursday, they sent out data showing 78 Washington residents have died from directly heat-related causes as part of our record, or at least historic, heatwave. They also included this:

"Extreme heat events (heat waves) are predicted to happen more often and last longer due to our changing climate. Climate change is a global environmental and public health threat. Learn more about climate change and health impacts.

“This huge jump in mortality due to heat is tragic and something many people thought they’d never see in the Pacific Northwest with its mostly moderate climate,” says Acting State Health Officer Scott Lindquist, MD, MPH. “But climates are changing, and we see the evidence of that with dramatic weather events, major flooding, historic forest fires, and more.”

Perhaps Dr. Lindquist has never spent extensive time in Eastern or Southeastern WA, where we routinely top 100 or higher--just not 110-118. While extreme, there are plenty of weather experts already saying climate change is NOT behind what's happened recently.

Perhaps a later date would have been better suited to bringing up their support of climate change theories, as opposed to including it in a story about the tragic deaths of 78 people due to heat. They deserve more than being used in part as pawns for environmental beliefs.


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