We had this shared to use by several folks, the video is going viral.

It's an interesting video of a man in a black robe, whose face is painted up either like a clown, or more closely resembles The Joker from Batman.

It's a brief clip, it appears he attracted the attention of Kennewick Police. No context is known, no idea what this was particular enounter was about, but it's rather different.

We saw this guy over the weekend. Not wearing a robe, but was lying on the grass on a small 'hill' alongside Clearwater near a bus stop.  Had a skateboard with him, just stretched out snoozing.

In the comments we did see perhaps an explanation as to what this man is trying to accomplish. To see that photo, click on the button below. It appears to give the reasons why he's doing what he's doing.

to see the video that many are talking about, click on the button below.

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