Like it or not, the holiday season is upon us! With Christmas, Hanukkah, and a ton of other gift giving occasions coming up, the spending can start to get a little out of hand. So how do you divide and conquer?

Who do you get gifts for and who's left out in the cold?

Should you get your employees a gift if you're a manager?

Do you need to get ALL of your friends a gift? Or do you just limit the gift giving to family only?

I don't know about you, but figuring out who I need to get gifts for can be hard! You don't want to leave anyone out, or hurt someone's feelings, but at the same time, money can be very limiting.

Everyone has a different list, but where you stand with others? Take the poll below and see if others are on the same page as you, or if you stand alone. Happy holiday shopping and good luck!

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