Usually when a driver sits through a traffic light cycle, you're thinking something is seriously wrong.


Officers were called to the intersection of Kennewick Ave. and Olympia Street after calls began to come in about a reckless driver.

Turns out, the woman (whose name was not released) was not moving, but sitting the intersection...not moving on green lights.

It was around 4 AM when the calls came in. Witnesses said the drive sat through two complete light cycles (red-green-red-green) without moving.

When they attempted to contact her, they pulled in behind her vehicle and to the side as well (multiple units).


Instead of getting out or responding, the woman attempted to back up, and hit one of the patrol units, but didn't cause a lot of damage.

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Predictably, a field sobriety test gave Police enough probable cause to take her in for DUI. No officers were in the patrol unit when the driver hit it because they were attempting to talk to her at the time.

No other persons or property were harmed.  Am curious to know what her BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was at the time, one would have to be pretty inebriated to not react to a traffic light.

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