With one of the THE most tumultuous and eventful off seasons in NFL history fading away, there are new faces in new places.  So whose new jersey is ringing up the coffers of the NFL?

Peyton Manning went from Indianapolis to Denver (part of one of the biggest house cleanings in NFL history!)   Tim Tebow went from Denver to the Jets, and of course, RGIII (Robert Griffin III), the Heisman Winner from Baylor who was No. 1, to the Redskins, and Andrew Luck from Stanford.  He has the unenviable job of making Colts fans "forget" Manning!

So, with all the new jerseys, who's selling the best? Not surprisingly, Manning's #18 Broncos attire is #1, followed closely by the #15 in new Jet colors for Tebow. RGIII and Luck round out the top four.

Coming home 5-10 are Peyton's little bro, Eli Manning and the Giants,  Packer QB Aaron Rodgers,  Patriots Tom Brady, and Cam Newton (Panthers) 9th.     The highest seller for any non-quarterback is 49'rs linebacker Patrick Willis;  Steelers safety Troy Palomalu is also  in the top ten as is Willis.

Interestingly, according to the NFL, the only "true" lineman in the top 20 for jersey sales was Cowboys Defensive End DeMarcus Ware, and he's really more of an outside linebacker.