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Grant County Investigators continue to track the path of a growing rash of stolen copper in the county, as well as other metals.

   GCSO says so far, none of the county recyclers are buying

After checking with recycling firms in Grant County, investigators believe suspects are transporting it out of the county or even out of state, and other recycling yards are buying it.

We've reported over the last month, an uptick in copper theft from irrigation systems and other entities that use copper wire or pipe.

The GCSO says all the metal recyclers in the county are playing by the law. Unless someone can verify where they got the copper they're trying to recycle, these companies won't take it if it appears to have been stolen.

However, the GCSO strongly believes recyclers in other counties and out of state are accepting the contraband.  They're urging citizens to keep their eyes and ears open for any information concerning copper theft, and if they have information (especially about metal being transported out of the county) to call 509-762-1160. All leads can be anonymous.

   Catalytic Converter theft seems to be easing.

Even though attempts to pass legislation requiring more stringent requirements for recycling converters failed last session (2023) most recyclers have tamped down hard on accepting them.  That's why, say some officials, converter theft has dropped noticeably in the last few months.

Now it appears thieves are back to the 'old' standard from a few years ago, copper wire and pipe.

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