When we first heard this news, we thought maybe the city was getting into the haunting business. But actually no.

News has come out this week that the City of Mabton is seeking grant money and funding, as they are interested in buying and renovating the historic, and some say haunted, 1911 school building.

For decades, the structure was a rite of passage for kids on or around Halloween, to wander through at night. For years, there's been rumors it's haunted. It even drew the interest of a paranormal researcher last year (ghost hunter).  After a number of teens were caught wandering through it, a fence was put up around the structure.

But city officials envision the building could be used for a new city hall, library, and to attract businesses who could use parts of it, such as a winery or restaurants.

The city is looking for a $225,000 grant to buy it from owner Paul Purcell. It would cost a  total of about $3.4 million to renovate to the point where it's usable, but officials say it's historical and business value would far exceed the cost once it's been renovated and put to good use. The city has already reviewed an application for state funding to buy it.

OR, they could always turn it into a haunted house. Maybe call back that paranormal researcher and have him decide once and for all if it's haunted.

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