And it all began because the owner admits they left their keys in the car and it was unlocked. Officers are seen here with the driver's belongings, and the stolen car in the backround.

Pasco police had a busy night, chasing down a suspect who stole a car.

It began around just after 3am with a report from the Teypeyac Haven Apartments on 22nd in Pasco.  A witness saw what appeared to be three teens trying to start a silver Honda.

They sped off, headlights off, until officers caught up with them. An officer arrived, and two of the youth ran away. But the third was driving the car.

After a chase that ended up near Ainsworth and 10th, officers tried a pit maneuver, to spin the car out, but the driver slipped away. But the 2nd time, it worked. The 16-year-old was quickly arrested and is now facing a laundry list of charges. He's in the Kennewick detention facility.


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