According to West Pasco residents and regular commuters, the stretch of I-182 between the Columbia River and the 20th Ave. Exit in Pasco has been a problem for a number of years, some calling it a 'racetrack.'

With the fatal crash last Friday morning that was directly attributed by dashcam video to three vehicles racing each other, area residents and commuters are wondering if there will be increased patrols in the area.

Numerous sources are reporting that West Pasco residents and those who drive that road every day complain about drivers in jazzed up vehicles who whiz by at speeds approaching 90 miles per hour. State Patrol officers say it's a 'miracle' there aren't more crashes on that stretch of road.

Commuters often report seeing drivers, especially in smaller, lowered sports cars, weaving in and out of traffic, zipping past those already going the limit of 70 miles per hour.  Residents who live close by have reported seeing multiple vehicles racing each other, leaving the rest of traffic standing still-like a scene from the movie Fast and Furious.

Citizens are hoping, at least for a while, the State Patrol and other law enforcement will crack down heavily on that stretch, and encourage these reckless drivers to lift the hammer, instead of dropping it.

Many fear the next fatality will involve motorists who AREN'T part of some race or other careless exhibition of driving. Last Friday's crash was not the first of it's kind, there have been other serious accidents on this relatively 'short' stretch of freeway over the last few years, some of which are pictured here.

Another of the I-182 accidents (KNDU-TV)



Another of the I-182 crashes (KNDU-TV