Over the weekend, Pasco police had quite the adventure, locating a woman accused of stealing a man's truck after they'd been drinking in a hotel.

Saturday officers responded to a report from The Loyalty Inn, where a man told officers he'd been drinking in his room with a woman the night before, then hours after she left he discovered his keys and his red Ford Truck (with a camper shell) were missing.

Then later Saturday night, officers spotted the truck (minus the camper shell) driving "crazily" in the snow near Road 100. The plates matched the stolen truck. The driver, identified as 33-year-old Ian Shipp, tried to run but then gave up. He told police he thought he'd bought the vehicle from the woman.

Police were able to narrow down where she might be, after visiting an apartment, then the Tahitian Inn, they located and arrested 43-year-old Heather Evans who was identified by both the owner and the man she allegedly "sold" the truck to. She's now in the Franklin County jail on multiple charges. When captured, she was driving another truck and had the camper shell from the red Ford in the truck bed.

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