The alert eyes of a Pasco street sweeper driver helped police apprehend a woman accused of doing thousands of dollars in damage Wednesday morning.

Around 5:48 am the worker called 911 to report a woman with a metal bar smashing windows near the intersection of 4th and Columbia.

It's not far from the Pasco Farmer's Market.

Upon arrival police arrested 36-year-old Denise Cota. At the time police arrived at the dispatch center also began to receive alerts of multiple alarms going off in the area. Many of the windows were taped with security wiring to sound alarms upon breaking.

Cota is facing felony charges in the Franklin County Jail. Police did not elaborate but did say their resource officer is going to follow up on this case, and they also mentioned mental health assistance and emergency shelters. It's believed the suspect may have fit these categories.

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