Pasco Police emphasized that when the female suspect made the threat, she was NOT holding or "brandishing" a weapon (one that was later found in the home).

However, the nature of the situation after an investigation resulted in the woman's arrest.

Pasco Police said Tuesday that they were called to a home late last Thursday night over a domestic threat. Because it involves Domestic Violence, they did not give names or the address.

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Police were told the woman threatened "to shoot “those two b*tches”, referring to a pair of children in the home. She had been arguing with them. Their ages were not given.

Police said the children recorded the woman making the threat, and apparently called 911.  Police said the woman was not armed during the threat, but a handgun was found in the home.

Gun found in home after DV call (PPD)
Gun found in home after DV call (PPD)

She was booked then later released from the Franklin County jail after being held for investigation in to Felony Threats. Police said she followed all commands when they arrived. The handgun was found during a search of the home.

Police did not offer further information about whether the weapon ended up.

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