According to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and The Center Square, a couple have sued WA state over losing their foster care license.

  Now, the couple and ADF say the state is seeking to have their suit dismissed

WA is now one of a growing number of states that have adopted controversial laws concerning gender identity language. The state, along with others, now requires foster parents to accept any such preferences from a child they foster.

Cases in Oregon and Vermont have been brought against the state by foster parents whose licenses were pulled and they lost the ability to foster children because they oppose these mandates on faith-based grounds.

According to The Center Square:

"The cases are very similar to another ADF lawsuit here in Washington, brought by Shane and Jennifer DeGross.

 As previously reported by The Center Square, the DeGross’s license renewal was denied after serving as foster parents for more than 9 years, because of their religious beliefs concerning gender identity policies now required for WA state foster families."
 They filed a lawsuit in March, and now the ADF says WA state is seeking to have their suit dismissed.
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   In the Oregon case, the foster parent said due to her faith, she couldn't use the preferred pronouns or take the child to a pride parade.
   It is possible there could be a response from the ADF to the state seeking a dismissal in the next week or so.

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