According to the Grant County Sheriff's Office, this might have all the makings of one woman not being happy with another woman--over a man?

Wednesday, the Sheriff's Department responded to call from Odessa, in Grant County about a 41-year-old woman who entered a home just off State Route 262 East. The woman, identified as Deborah Davidson, used a Taser on an unnamed man and woman inside the home.

The noon attack left both people shaken, but then Davidson returned with a pistol. She used it to reportedly strike the man, then chased him after he escaped by jumping out a window.  Warden Police and Grant County Deputies arrived and were able to locate the suspect, she was taken into custody without incident.

Davidson is facing suspicion of first degree burglary, one count of first degree assault, two counts of fourth degree assault and one count of third degree malicious mischief.

Grant County investigators say the incident apparently stemmed from "romantic relationships," and  that the three people involved all know each other.

Sounds like a prime material for an episode of the Steve Wilcos Show. He was a former head of security and bodyguards for Jerry Springer during his talk show run; then later got his own show which is still on in syndication.

Maybe this would have helped the two people who were assaulted?


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