Not the best way to score brownie points with the Man Upstairs...just sayin'!

Kennewick police said a car stolen Sunday was actually recovered by a the victim but it sustained damage, and had items stripped and stolen from it.

The case began Sunday morning around 9am, when the female victim was parked at 1331 North Center Parkway attending a church service at the Blue Bridge Church. This is near the Carmike Cinemas just west of Columbia Center.

She returned to find her car (pictured here) had been stolen. After reporting it stolen to police, she then spotted it later at the McDonald's near Gage and North Steptoe streets. She was able to recover the car (she had the keys) and police arrived to inspect it for evidence. Police and the woman said a Tom Tom GPS was stolen, and the car had significant damage to the ignition system, probably from being hot wired. Some other items were taken.

However, police did find a fingerprint they were able to cleanly lift that they believe is related to the theft. It has been sent to the Washington State Crime Lab. Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call (509)-628-0333. All leads are confidential. Police are hoping perhaps somebody saw the suspect(s) breaking into the car, as it would take at least a few minutes to access it, and hot wire the vehicle so it could be driven away.

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