It’s natural to worry about things when you leave for vacation. Did I turn the lights off? Are the doors locked? Did I take the trash out? What you don’t worry about, however, is your lawn being stolen. Maybe now you should.

Canadian Denise Thompson went on a short vacation over the weekend with her children and when she returned, found that every square inch of her previously lush, green grass had been stolen.

Confused, she looked around for a note or clues as to why the grass had been removed. After speaking with neighbors, she learned that a truck and trailer had parked outside the house over the weekend and that it appeared as if someone was doing just another landscaping job.

It’s possible there was a mix-up on the address for a landscaping job, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Thompson hopes to be compensated for the stolen yard somehow, but the confused insurance company hasn’t come up with a plan of action yet.

On the bright side, she won’t have to mow for a long time.

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