Pasco police were busy Sunday night, and have now released the result of an investigation into a shoplifting attempt from Grigg's Department Store.

Pasco police say the woman suspect entered the store that evening, and attempted to pile at least $400 worth of merchandise into her baby's stroller and leave. Strike One. Then she had her 'baby daddy' (as the police put it) carry the toddler so it would free up room. Problem? Violation of a no-contact order with the guy-Strike Two.

Then get caught leaving. Grigg's is known for chasing down shoplifters and good at 'apprehending them' regardless of 'impact.' After throwing the merchandise in the car and speeding away, the woman was holding the child on her lap. Strike Three.

Then they went speeding past a Pasco officer who was four blocks away, and they got pulled over. By the time police were finished, add three more strikes from an additional theft charge (shoplifting) an outstanding warrant, and reckless driving. They were also cited for the child on the lap.

Crime does indeed make you stupid.

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